About Shohala Ana Odia

Among the various ingredients of the rich, cultural heritage of Odisha is its unique cuisine, with a tradition steeped in history. India is a multi-lingual, multi-cultural entity. It is an icon of unity in diversity; so each state defines its individuality in terms of its own historical facts, linguistic affiliations, cultural backdrop and of course, food. Odia music, art and literature have all show- cased food as an indispensable part of culture. Odia food is a colorful tapestry of spices and flavors, with an unimaginable variety – vibrant as the all- time favorite PAKHALA, soft-hearted as the famous PAYAS, irresistible as Kankada Jhola, delightful as Besara seasoned with Pancha Phutana , the list is endless.

Unlike other parts of India, the flavors of most Odia dishes are mild and tenderly spiced. Curries for every mood, a pot- pourie of fragrant spices and pastes mingling to create unforgettable delicacies. There are special food items associated with every festival, emphasizing the significance of cuisine as a part of life. Not just the food, but the inimitable manner in which it is served.

The line "Shohala Ana Odia"…. is a Odia phrase representing the authentic and typical food of the state with a blend of Bengali dishes. Although the restaurant itself is very small, the imaginative interiors are packed with numerous Odia artifacts. Local tradition and culture are reflected on the walls in the form of paintings, deities, people, local musical instruments and the likes. Located at Patia, a venue for the Office goers and students, the restaurant is an obvious choice during Lunch & Dinner time. The menu, which is also written on a white board in Odia/English, includes a variety of local and Bengali dishes; you could try the Kankada Jholo (Crab Curry), Aloo Posto (potatoes in a mustard and poppy seed gravy), Ilish (a specific variety of fish served in Bengal) or Parse (Exclusive Fish Curry), Dab Chingiri (Delicious Prawns served with tender coconut). Apart from the Odia palate, Shohala Ana Odia also gives you a taste of Bengali hospitality , complete with soothing music to complement the meal. The delicacies of the blend of Odia & Bengali food which no other typical restaurant serves are:

BHAAPA: Fish or vegetables steamed with oil and spices. A classic steaming technique is to wrap the fish in banana leaf to give it a faint musky, smoky scent.

BHORTA: Any vegetable, such as potatoes, beans, pumpkins or even dal, first boiled whole and then mashed and seasoned with mustard oil or ghee and spices.

DAALNA: Mixed vegetables or eggs, cooked in medium thick gravy seasoned with ground spices, especially garam masala and a touch of ghee.

JHOL: A light fish or vegetable stew seasoned with ground spices like ginger, cumin, corriander, chilli and turmeric with pieces of fish and longitudinal slices of vegetables floating in it. The gravy is thin yet extremely flavorful. Whole green chillies are usually added at the end and green corriander leaves are used to season for extra taste.

KAALIA: A very rich preparation of fish, meat or vegetables using a lot of oil and ghee with a sauce usually based on ground ginger and onion paste and garam masala.

And much more….To have all the taste of the states for delicacies "SHOHOLO ANA ODIA" is the perfect joint….. not to get you in a foul mood or empty stomach after you return home or office…..